First National Realty Partners is a rapidly growing commercial real estate private equity firm that owns and operates grocery store-anchored shopping centers throughout the United States. As a fully vertically-integrated firm, they handle everything from property acquisition and management to leasing, financing and investor relations.


In 2018 when First National Realty Partners brought all of their leasing activity in-house, they realized that they needed a reliable signage company that could work anywhere in the country. With one to three new acquisitions taking place each month, lightning-fast turn-around, high quality and excellent customer service were a necessity. First National found all of this—and more—in Signage Works.

“Signage Works was highly recommended by our leasing team, who had worked with them in the past,” says Leasing Coordinator Nadine Golis.


Today Signage Works provides First National Realty Partners with window wraps, roadside signs, pylon signs, large banners for building facades, and leasing signs to place inside windows. If there’s existing signage from the prior leasing company, Signage Works removes and replaces it. If something happens and a sign needs repair, they take care of that as well.

“When we acquire an asset,” Nadine shares, “Signage Works has our signage up and running within a week of closing. I’m truly impressed with their level of expertise. For example, I can snap a picture of my vacancy and send it to them. Without having to go on site they can determine the scale of the window and deliver a window wrap that fits perfectly, which to me is mesmerizing.”

Nadine gives high marks to the Signage Tracker System portal, and how Signage Works uses this to support their clients.

“Kudos to Dean and his team for their comprehensive and very detailed process!” Nadine exclaims. “They have an exclusive board for us in their portal, and that board is inclusive of everything in our portfolio from start to finish. At any given moment if I want to know where something is, I can go there and get the information I need. When something is being delivered, the install date, if it has been invoiced, if the invoice has been paid, if the job has been completed, the completion pics—it’s all there in one place.”

Signage Works also schedules weekly calls with Nadine, during which they run through everything that’s on the table. Plus, the system includes live updates. If something changes on their board Nadine gets notified, so she’s always up to speed.


Being able to have signage up a week after closing has made a huge difference for First National Realty Partners.

fnrp postsign“For our business,” explains Nadine, “leasing is very important. With Dean’s team handling the signage, as soon as we close we’re hitting the ground running to lease up any vacancies. Our window signs are in the windows. Our signs are by the road. People know who to call.”


“In addition to their speed,” Nadine adds, “The best part about working with Dean and his team is that they are so easy to work with. They’re very responsive—I’m always able to get in touch with someone—and their process from start to finish is just what I need. I don’t have to track and manage things on my own. They do such a good job that it’s one less thing I have to worry about!”